Will Marshall – Singing/Guitar Tutor

 William is a graduate of the University Of Huddersfield with a Bmus hons degree in Music and grew up singing classical, opera and musical theatre. With the education given to him he then went on to study technique of the rock vocal world and has sung in numerous bands all his life.

William has a passion for rock and metal vocals with a special interest in aggressive vocal technique, which has lead to him undertaking lessons and study top vocal coaches from all over the world.  He has also been a member of numerous vocal organizations, which lead and still encourages him to undertake and participate in many workshops in vocal pedagogy.  William doesn’t just stick to the vocal traits of rock and metal though, he also sings and accommodates for all styles of music.

William also runs the “Awesome Choir Of Rock (ACoR)” and “GleeKids” classes each week and arranges the music for both.

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