Our Tutors

Ricky My Dad’s a wood butcher.

There are no 2 ways about it my Dad is TERRIBLE at DIY. My sister once had a problem with a sticking door.

My Dad took the door off while she was out shopping and using a brand new plane he starting shaving away.
I’ve never seen a door more massacred. My sister was livid at the massive gap at not only the top of the door, but the bottom too.

My dad tried screwing bits of wood on to the top and the bottom of the door, which made it look a right mess.
Afterwards that door was never going to fit back into the door opening. I still chuckle when i remember my sister explaining to me what my well meaning, but untrained father had done.

Music lessons are an investment in your future music success. Without a proper teacher you’re throwing money away, and what’s more it can take years longer to get where you want to be as a musician.

Our interview process is rigourous and it’s impossible to get a job as a music teacher at Ricky’s school of rock if you don’t know your craft to the highest level.

We are a dedicated teachers, not part time amateurs dabbling at a bit of teaching to earn some extra money in the spare bedroom. We’re professionally kitted out, professionally trained, fully insured, CRB checked, with every outcome covered.

We do this full time. It’s our job and we’re focused on getting it right, every time.

Whenever my Dad offers to help us with a DIY project these days we all roll our eyes and tell him we’d rather get a professional in to do the job.

Dad still hasn’t realised he’s horrendous at DIY. Get the professionals on the job. It just makes more sense in the long run.

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