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Just a few reviews!
  • Excellent guitar tutoring, miles better than other lessons I have had. Great facilities … a welcome brew is always made. Friendly staff who don’t clock watch. Good theory and playing mix in each lesson.Mike Nixon
  • If you want to learn how to play guitar, this is a fantastic way to do it. Ricky goes through not just the basic chords, but also the makeup of the fretboard, why chords are built as they are, all sorts of things that you don’t necessarily think you need to know but it actually helps a lot. Plus they lay on tea and biscuits, which is a plus in my book! very friendly, very instructive, and well worth the money.Richard Snape
  • Ricky’s school of rock has teaching methods that enable all children no matter what their ability to take part in a rock band. The children learn in an environment that is fun and friendly. The staff are all able to interact well with the children. Highly recommended.Caroline Hamilton
  • My 11 year old son is learning the electric guitar at Ricky’s School of Rock.He is progressing quicker than I ever expected and is thoroughly enjoying every minute.Kerry is a wonderful hostess whilst we wait for the lessons to be complete, although we are welcome to sit in as well. James gets plenty of practice material, and with a low cost guitar (just in case he changes his mind!), also bought from Ricky’s, he’s enjoying regular practice sessions. Excellent service, worth every penny.Julie Harrison
  • My son George has been attending Rock Jam for 8 months and absolutely loves it! One of the tutors suggested that he would benefit from 1:1 tuition which he has now begun and he’s coming on in leaps and bounds. The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed – the kids are learning without the pressure – it’s all part of the fun!Eve Holding
  • Would massively recommend Ricky’s to any prospective rock star out there – and even then, no real previous experience had been had by my children, aside from a bit of Guitar Hero! Both have come out of their shell and confidence in performing, communicating and social skills all greatly increased – as well as both having 5+ gigs under their belts. Superb experience…..Martin Caufield
  • Our kids have so enjoyed learning and then showing us what they have learned – Ricky’s has given them such a confidence boost and helped to bring their inside – out! We in turn as parents have had so much fun watching them become ROCK STARS, sooo exciting 10 out of 10 to Ricky’s and lots of love and thanks to all their lovely staff.Gillian Crozier
  • “Ricky’s School of Rock” was a gem of a find when we were looking for new guitar tuition. Travelling 20 miles twice a week really proves that. From my own personal experience his passion for teaching is brilliant, he instills ccnfidence in ability and to anyone who is starting out and can play a few chords take a look at Rock Jam where as part of a band in 10 weeks you learn 10 songs and then preform a gig at the end, it is fantastic.Richard Oldfield
  • Doing a beginners Guitar course that has been great fun & perfectly paced. Somehow managed to squeeze loads of proper theory in with the blags, meaning we have been able to play things which sound like real songs super quick! Highly recommended. Graham Smith
  • Both my children have lessons at Ricky’s. One child has been on a 10 week beginners guitar course, and the other one has 1:1 drumming lessons. Both children are doing really well and thoroughly enjoying it. The staff are brilliant, helpful and very friendly. I would definitely recommend Ricky’s to anyone!Emma Duns
  • This is the best place to learn to play, relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, just a great place.Steve West
  • My son has been going to Ricky’s for a couple of years now starting as a complete beginner progressing to his current level of ‘potential rock god’. The confidence given to the pupils by the tutors and all the staff can’t be put into words. It’s inspirational. The downside is that due to his total commitment to music my son is now very unlikely to be the next great centre forward for Leeds United.Mark Bickerdike

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