Rockschool examinations


We are an official Rockschool examination centre.

Rockschool is the leading accredited provider of rock exams worldwide, and as such it makes sense for us to teach their excellent  and up to date 2012 syllabus.

Rockschool Graded Music Exams, Diplomas and Vocational Qualifications are taught the world over and are renowned for their practicality, flexibility and creativity. Inspired by the legends of rock, Rockschool qualifications are created with you, the musician in mind. Learn by playing the music you love, and gain a recognised qualification in the process.

Rockschool offers rock musicians the opportunity to get the same qualifications that classical musicians can get. All Rockschool graded music exams have original set repertoire, encourage improvisation and have an element of free choice so you can play the music you love AND get a qualification.

Rockschool examinations are available for guitar, bass, drums, piano, band based keyboard and band exams.

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