Ricky Comiskey – Guitar Tutor

Ricky is Principal guitar tutor & founder of Ricky’s School of Rock.

A late comer to guitar at the age of 18, Ricky became overwhelmingly obsessed with a passion for guitar, which meant leaving work in Huddersfield’s dark satanic mills and entering further education to pursue a career in music education. Upon gaining a Cert Ed, Ricky taught guitar at The Huddersfield Technical College, (now Kirklees College). Ricky has also created music courses and led projects for drug/alcohol rehabilitation centres.

As well as having extensive gigging experience in original and cabaret bands, Ricky has also been a band manager, band agent, voice over artiste, live sound engineer, and a sound designer and music composer for theatre.

Ricky has a penchant for jazz and blues fusion in the styles of Robben Ford and Matt Schofield, but can often be heard excitedly pig squealing over melodic Norwegian death metal, whilst playing 16th note gallops in drop C tuning.

Ricky also teaches songwriting, GCSE and A level composition and has been a guitar teacher for over 20 years.

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