Guitar lessons in Huddersfield

Become a better guitar player!

If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Huddersfield it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, or you’ve been playing guitar for a while and got stuck in a rut. You may have been playing for ages but don’t know what you’re playing then Ricky’s school of rock guitar lessons are the best investment in your guitar playing advancement!

We teach electric or acoustic guitar up to advanced level, so if you’re looking for inspiration or coaching to get your picking that bit faster or your sweeps bubbling get in touch.

I know it says ‘school of rock’, but to be honest we just love guitar…end of! So if you want to learn blues, jazz or country we can get you on the road to playing what you hear in your head.

Some folks just want to strum at home to relax, and some others want to gain academic achievements in guitar playing. Our guitar lessons can help you go wherever you want to go!

1:1 lessons can be scheduled around the demands of your life. We recommend weekly guitar lessons to progress quickly into the player you want to be, but understand every other week or even ad hoc may fit better into your time constraints.

1 to 1 lessons are £27 for an hour or £17 for half an hour, (lessons fees subject to change). We don’t charge for a term up front, but please check our terms and conditions to ensure you understand our booking policy.

Some slots are limited. BOOK NOW OR GET ON OUR WAITING LIST!
Call Kerry on 01484 846838 or email to book your first lesson.

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