Kids RiffMasters

Learn the riffs and intros of your favourite bands!

Specially tailored for the young rocker! This course is bursting with riffs. This beats guitar hero or any of those computer games based on rock guitar. Learn to play for REAL!

Learn Classic guitar riffs and intros of your favourite bands such as Guns’n’ roses, AC/DC, Metallica, Oasis and many more!

Learn how your guitar amp works! Learn power chords, riffs, and tons of cool tricks on the guitar!

So if If you can already read guitar tab then this is a great way for you to get rocking on your guitar!
If you can’t read TAB we’ll show you how!

This course is the perfect springboard to give you the guitar skills you need to join RockJam

Let’s see how many riffs we can crank out in a session!!

Kids Beginner Guitar Course

Learn the foundation skills to get you playing guitar!

A 10 week course in acoustic or electric guitar, which will FUTUREPROOF YOUR GUITAR PLAYING.

We make learning guitar fun but keep in all the good stuff you need to know as a young guitar player.

Playing guitar is awesome and cool. Get the skills to learn all those cool songs you have on your ipod!

Make new friends into the same music as you! Build your confidence in supportive surroundings

Learn the most efficient way to get to grips with the guitar.

Get good enough to join our awesome RockJam band sessions

Our kids 10 week beginner guitar course is renowned for getting you on the road to a lifetime of enjoying playing guitar, and getting the skills you need if you plan on being a musician.

Next course starts Saturday 14th September 10.00 til 12.00 noon

(2 hour session with a comfort break in the middle to have some juice and biscuits and rub your fingers)

Course Price: £180

That works out at £9 per hour for the full course which is payable in 1, 2 or 3 easy installments.

Pay for the whole course and get £20 off (One payment of £160)


Pay for your course in full and get this brand new beautiful Cort AF510 acoustic guitar including a FREE gig bag which normally retails for £119 for only £60!!
(We like the cort AF510 as it’s smaller body makes it easier for kids to hold and learn to play)


Click here to see what the internet says about these superb guitars and their price!

GleeKids Rock & Pop Choir

Gleekids rock and pop choir Huddersfield

Discover your inner Gleek!

Here at Ricky’s school of rock we teach kids how to sing with confidence whatever their ability. We believe having fun singing is the best way to inspire young singers.

Our GleeKids choir is a great way to build self confidence and new musical friends. GleeKids is a Saturday afternoon rock and pop choir here at Ricky’s school of rock, Huddersfield.

Re starting September 2013 from 1pm until 3pm. GleeKids is open to girls and boys of all abilities aged 8 to 12.

Have fun singing modern and classic pop and rock songs while you make friends, gain confidence and learn performance techniques.

Songs we sing are: “We are young”, “Firework”, Don’t stop believin'”.


*Please let us know you’re coming.

Book your place now for the next term, you’ll love it!

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