Adult Riffmasters

Learn classic riffs of your favourite bands in this awesome 10 Week Course

This course is choc full o’ riffs. This is REAL guitar hero stuff.
Learn Classic guitar riffs and intros of your favourite bands such as AC/DC, Led Zep, Deep Purple and many more!
Learn and explore all the rock tunings like Drop D, C#, and open G like Keef!

Learn how guitar pedals, stomp boxes, wah wahs work and how to dial those classic guitar sounds in to your amp!

THIS WILL BE A THEORY LITE COURSE! It’s necessary, but only enough theory so you can understand how to replicate those classic rock sounds again and again!

So if If you can already read guitar tab then this is a great way for you to get rocking on your guitar!

Let’s see how many riffs we can crank out in a session!!


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