Adult Beginners Guitar Course

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You know, some people STRUGGLE and take YEARS to learn how to play songs they love on guitar.
Which way is the ‘correct’ method? YouTube can be confusing, books and DVD’s are often complicated, wordy and unhelpful.
That’s because most traditional guitar tuition is based on regurgitated drivel that is hard to understand and out dated!
NO wonder people struggle!

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Adult Beginners Guitar Course Huddersfield Hi! I’m Ricky.

I’ve designed this course to be fun, but pack in a hefty amount of learning. I want you to get the maximum from this course. We’ll cover everything from strumming, chords, finger-style, rhythm, reading charts, what you need to know and what you don’t need to know.

I love teaching this course and in my 23 years of teaching guitar I’ve never seen anything come close to the results I see at week 10.

This is a foundation course in guitar that will take you from zero knowledge to playing songs in 10 weeks. If you already have some experience, ( a “bitsa” player – bitsa this and bitsa that!) let’s turn that into real guitar skill with a solid understanding of what you’re doing and why.

However, This course is only for people like you who are serious about being able to play songs the guitar. If that’s you…

1. Imagine how successful at learning guitar you will be if you invest in 10 weeks of no filler, all killer, enhanced learning concepts and accelerated learning tools and techniques that are tried and tested for years with hundreds of students that just work!

2. Cost effective tuition that targets your needs. As long as you’re willing to commit to learning the small investment made now, could save you YEARS of individual lesson fees with lesser tutors. Start right and enjoy a lifetime of playing guitar.

There are methods taught here that just can’t be found anywhere else.

3 . IF YOU PRACTICE, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR ON THIS COURSE! Not only guitar, but full songs. If you have a tons of guitar tuition books and DVD’s on your shelves gathering dust it shows you’ve already been investing in your learning, but face it you don’t know what you don’t know! ( You’ll understand those damn books after the course too!)

Each session will have a musical outcome. You will learn songs and build a basic repertoire
WARNING! You MUST practice and keep up or you will lose momentum. This unique guitar course is a bit more than something off the internet or out of a book. This course isn’t for ‘wannabees’, who don’t want to put effort in. This course is for people like you who are serious about learning the guitar.

This is not some “run through the motions” course, which doesn’t track everyone’s progress. You need to be a self starter as you won’t learn by passively sitting in the room HOPING to absorb inner wisdom. (How many of you have said this to your kids?!)

However, each session is stand alone covering underpinning core concepts enabling you to become a player of guitar, rather than the owner of a dusty guitar sulking in the corner of the room. The sum of the parts make the whole learning.

Make a decision now, that this time you WILL learn how to play guitar! Book your spot now.

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