Ukulele Lessons in Huddersfield

Ukulele lessons and classes in Huddersfield

Rock the uke with Rockulele!

The ukulele is probably the most accessible fun, first instrument for kids and adults to learn. In an hour you can literally be playing recognisable music and songs!

The days of learning recorder are over! When you play recorder you can’t sing along! Chords can be formed easily on the uke. The cool thing is they’re same chords as those on guitar, making the uke the perfect springboard to learning guitar.

Another great thing about the ukulele is it’s light and extrememly portable and you can get a decent one far cheaper than a guitar. (Choosing a ukulele can be a bit daunting and if you get the wrong one, you’ll spend ages tuning instead of playing. We have a stock of reliable ukuleles in stock)

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