Piano Lessons in Huddersfield

Piano lessons Huddersfield

Classical, Jazz, Rock or Pop. It’s up to you!

We think it’s important to make music from the first lesson. As you become more comfortable with articulating your fingers on the keyboard, we introduce note reading and musical notation.

As your skill in reading music and technical ability develops, you will then able to explore more challenging pieces on the piano with a confident and relaxed technique. We aim to encourage you at your own pace with short-term goals that lead to long-term improvement.

Lessons can focus on:

  • Playing your favourite songs for fun.
  • Learning how to accompany yourself singing.
  • Learning how to read music.
  • Understanding music theory.
  • Learning how to improvise.
  • Learning how to jam.
  • Achieving grades and get music qualifications.
  • Supporting your academic learning (GCSE/A level/BTEC)
  • Developing and playing in your own ‘voice’ on the piano.
  • Learning how to compose and arrange your own music.
  • Developing your rhythm, playing technique and co-ordination

We are always supportive and encouraging with our students. Step-by-step we will help you attain mastery of the piano keyboard and deep musical expression. By removing obstacles to the learning process  we will guide you towards your goals at a natural and unforced pace.

Because every student is unique, each piano lesson is tailored to your individual strengths, challenges, and interests. The music you like and love is the inspiration for the desire to play piano or keyboard, which is why we  incorporate songs songs and music you love into your lessons. This makes sense, because you are more likely to practice the music that truly inspires you.

We provide a solid foundation in keyboard technique and musicianship so that you are empowered to explore any kind of music.

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