GCSE, A Level & Btec Music Support

Many kids dread music lessons at school!

The biggest gripes we hear are:-

“How is this music lesson even relevant to me?” “I like rock and can’t even play piano. Why is it all about piano, when most music these days is about guitar and singing?”

Here’s the kicker, most of these kids say

“I’d love to do music as a career, but not if this is how I have to learn it!”

From experience most, (not all) schools teach music in an abstract manner that makes little sense to the learner. If you leave it to your school alone to teach you about music in any depth, we can guarantee not only will you not learn not much, even worse you may end up hating the subject!

In our experience, due to either lack of funding, expertise or both, many schools are ill equipped to teach kids the industry standard music technology, often opting for cubase for music technology, when professional musicians and studios learn and use Sibelius, logic and pro tools. Start as you mean to go on we say!

Basic practical music theory for creating musicians seems to be taught in such an incoherent manner, it’s no wonder so many students lose their way. The painful fact is if you get the foundations wrong and everything else comes crashing down.

We teach the GCSE syllabus in a USEFUL and PRACTICAL way that ENHANCES and ENDOWS the growing musician in a fun and interesting way.

For AQA GCSE we focus on practical music and song composition, listening and aural skills, performance techniques and repertoire. All our students who have received support have achieved A and A* grades

Ricky gave me knowledge, and showed me examples of key ideas through improvisation, which often served as the basis of my ideas for compositions. Ricky helped me build my confidence in writing music through exercises in our lessons, so I could find out what works and what doesn’t work first hand. You also taught me key vocabulary and skills needed to succeed in the listening and appraising aspects of the GCSE through theory work. Building my confidence was also a huge aspect of me succeeding in my performance exams – I felt more capable and came out with performance results that I am very proud of. My success is down the extra help I received from you, because I was struggling so much with the course before. – Freya
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