Bass Lessons in Huddersfield

Bass lessons Huddersfield

Without you. There’s something missing!

Our bass lessons are comprehensive and are tailored to all ages and levels of ability. Whether you are a beginning bass student looking to learn the basic fundamentals of the bass, or an intermediate/advanced bassist seeking to expand your vocabulary and techniques, We can help you meet your goals while building a strong foundation in good musicianship.

Learn everything you need to join a band and more. Here at Ricky’s school of rock there are opportunities to form and join bands, play in student showcases, and play in our real rockband sessions. It’s sad to say most bass players often get relegated to root note duty, because of lack of music theory knowledge. The reality is, the bass controls the harmony, (It’s only C major if the bass player says so!).

As well as individually tailored to your needs lessons, we offer tuition in the excellent 2013 rockschool syllabus for bass grades 1 to 8.

Learn all the popular techniques in all styles from pop, funk, rock, blues, soul. Get your groove on!

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