The Awesome Choir of Rock


Singing is great for you! It’s been scientifically proven!

The AWESOME Choir of Rock is a real rock choir that sing ROCK! There’s no old hammy show tunes here, (Although Kerry is partial to them…).

This awesome new Huddersfield choir is great way to engage in a social music performance opportunity, make great new friends, and gain bags of confidence to boot!

There are no auditions. Ever!

We realise maybe at some point in your life a well meaning music teacher told you, “You can’t sing!”, but they were wrong!, (What a terrible thing to do to someone!)

Singing is about confidence. How do you build singing confidence? BY SINGING OF COURSE!!
Everyone gets better, so never think you can’t.

Oh if you think you’re too old too…You’re never too old!
Come on you’re not getting any younger! You might meet some fab people!

Here’s the link to the choirs dedicated website
Click here to go to the Awesome Choir of Rock website to sign up and find out more

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