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The Benefits of Music Education For Your Child

Music develops kids to their full potential

Music education classes can enrich the life of an adult or child in many ways. Children who learn a musical instrument or sing usually perform better at school.

5 reasons why music education is beneficial to children

1) Building self confidence by having fun.

Learning an instrument and playing in a band can be lots of fun. Children as young as eight or nine can be taught how to play a variety of instruments. Our students and bands usually have gigs and showcases on a regular basis where the kids get to play for their family, friends and fans. Performing to an audience is a great way to build self confidence, self reliance and independent thinking.

2) Team work and friends

Every student at our RockJam bands or Gleekids choir have to learn work together to produce a well coordinated piece of music. Besides teamwork, they can make great friends with similar interests very easily. This is especially beneficial for kids who want to be more sociable.

3) Gaining analytical skills

Good music education can help improve the analytical skills of children. For children and students, music plays a significant role in improving their maths and thinking skills in many cases. For most people, they use only the left side of the brain to analyse and solve problems. However, learning music can help develop the right side of the brain. The effect is that musical children are able to solve problems in a shorter time and using better solution.

4) Stress Reduction – Both child and parent!

Music has widely been regarded as an effective mean to reduce stress. In fact, this is one of the reasons that make music education so popular. Many people actually feel calmer and cheerful when playing music, including children.

5) Turn music into an academic route and into a career

For those who have a passion and love of music, they may decide to persue a full time career in music. There are many types of jobs that are related to music. They include music teachers, professional singers or bands, studio engineers, sound engineers, and many more.

Being part of a band, music students will have to learn to rely on themselves when playing their instruments. Many children tend to take drum lessons or guitar lessons because these are instruments that can be played alone or with a group. Regardless of the instruments, a good music education will leave a positive effect on your children for many years to come.

Adult EasyStrum

Learn how to play and enjoy your guitar!

This 10 week course is aimed at giving you the ability and hope you’ll finally be able to play songs that match your love for the guitar.

It’s all about playing songs isn’t it? There are NO CHORD POLICE here! You DON’T even need to play BARRE CHORDS!

Everything is simplified and made easy. There’s no need to be a ‘lost’ guitar player. (The saddest sight is a guitar gathering dust!)

So why a 10 week course and not some book off amazon or videos off YouTube?
The truth is, sometimes you need to be accountable to someone other than your self. A weekly class means you have to practice to get better or you’ll look a numpty. (Let’s be honest, if you don’t put any effort in, you’ll get nothing back).

You will also get no feedback on why turning your wrist 5 more degrees makes all the difference between chord failure or success from a YouTube video or a book!!

Focus and learn songs. Learn how to improve your strumming. Learn how to read those ruddy song charts
The aim is to build a repertoire of songs you can play at the BBQ or around the campfire to impress your friends.

NO THEORY! (that’s a different course entirely…click here!)

If you know a few chords, put them to use, and learn a few more! Blags and cheats included!

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