About Ricky’s school of rock

Here at Ricky’s school of rock we’ve built a community of supportive peers and mentors. I’d go as far as to say we’re a tribe. A place where it’s OK to be who you are or work on becoming who you could be.

All you need do to become a member of our tribe is walk through the door.

Our tutors are all positive role models of how a good musician works and behaves. That’s how you get the gig after all!

We’re all about building confidence and a real sense of achievement along with solid professional music experience through absolute immersion in the music making experience.

By working together students develop negotiating skills and are motivated to push themselves, and become leaders in their own music communities.

We believe our ethos and teaching methods make us leaders in music education and learning.

How we came to be

Ricky’s school of rock was founded by Huddersfield guitar teacher Ricky Comiskey in 2006 in a small teaching studio in the Huddersfield town centre. My primary focus was on offering quality expert 1 to 1 guitar tuition. This has grown into a wonderful music school with 14 expert and professional staff teaching music in a multitude of instrument disciplines.

In 2012 we recently expanded and took on more space and now occupy approx 5000 sq ft of superbly equipped and dedicated teaching space. This enables us to facilitate and work closely on many projects and sessions with Huddersfield schools, and colleges such as Greenhead College and Kirklees College.

What we offer

We offer individual 1 to 1 lessons in Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano and Vocals. We also provide exciting and unique opportunities to experience music alongside more traditional teaching practices.

We believe we offer unrivaled tuition and support in RGT/London College of Music and Rockschool examinations, as well as GCSE and A level examination and coursework support. We are an official Rockschool exam centre and understand all the criteria needed in order to secure a pass, merit or distinction in graded examinations.

Collectively we have over 100+ years of musical experience from teaching in further education, band and event management, working in pro recording studios, live sound re-enforcement, International & European tours, and music composition for theatre.

It’s important to us that our tutors are always engaged in learning cutting edge, professional career and teaching development techniques that will produce a unique learning experience for all students at the school.

Our knowledge base is vast and someone here will always be able and willing to help you find your route to musical success.


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