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We provide first class student focused learning. We are here for to help you fulfill your goals.

At Ricky’s school of rock our rigorous and stringent tutor selection process is more comprehensive than any other music school we know of.

All our tutors have been thoroughly tested on their musical and teaching ability, so it’s impossible to get a job here if you don’t have qualifications and experience in teaching.

Our diverse range of tutors come from varied musical backgrounds and all have a specialist knowledge in rock, pop, jazz, metal and just about any genre you can think of.

Playing an instrument adds dimension to your life. Your instrument becomes a friend, a discipline, a goal, a true love, and brings joy every day.

Our experience enables us to understand your thoughts and feelings on the dilemma of putting yourself “out there” and having a go at something new, or finally getting some lessons.

That’s why our expert, awesome¬† 1 to 1 individual tuition is tailored to YOUR exact needs.

So, if you want to learn to play for yourself in the spare room we think that’s cool. That’s just right for you.

Or if you want to join a band one day, we can get you on track to attaining that goal too!

If you want to do exams to support your qualifications and earn UCAS points, we’ve got that covered as well.

In fact we can take you down ANY musical route YOU want to go.

Get in touch and let’s get started…

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