1 to 1 Music Lessons Huddersfield

Structured music lessons planned around your needs and goals

When you go to the local DIY store for a drill bit, it’s not actually the drill bit you want. It’s the hole in the wall it makes.

The outcome YOU want is the focus of our teaching. Sure there’s stuff you just have to tackle that can be challenging, but if you want the desired outcomes we can guide you through those challenges in a stress free way.

We know just walking through the door is a big deal for you. It takes some degree of courage. It’s important that your lessons are fun and enjoyable but also planned and structured to maximise the investment you make in your music education.

The superb teaching team here at Ricky’s will not force feed you irrelevant learning material because that’s what we’re comfortable with. It’s about YOUR goals and aspirations.

So if the goal is to play a song at your wedding, do your graded exams or join a band one day, we’ll support you all the way. Our work is our legacy and not just a job.

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